Successful Adoptions

Happy Tails!

Each and every adoption is a huge labor of love with many moving parts and should be celebrated! It starts with the shelter, breeder, or owner understanding they may not be the best place for the Collie or Sheltie that has come into their care, and they are selfless enough to release the dog to TSCR. Maybe the dog’s health status has changed, or their schedule is no longer supportive of the dog’s needs. Whatever the case may be, they want the dog to live his or her best life and know that TSCR will work tirelessly to ensure that happens.

Our transporters spend countless hours on the road to meet the logistic needs of the dogs in our care. Fosters donate their homes, assessment skills, and training abilities to prepare these precious pups for their new families. Finally, our wonderful adopters are willing to make a lifelong commitment to their new family members. All of these groups—including those who raise necessary funds, manage websites, and contribute in any way to TSCR—have a stake in ensuring that each placement is the best placement, for not only the dog involved but also for the adoptive family.

Congratulations to all of those who have been part of this fantastic process! Please feel free to enjoy some of our more recent successful adoptions.