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Like every other rescue, fosters, volunteers and donors are a staple and always in need. If you don’t have the time or finances, TSCR still has a place for you! The following pages let you know how some of your everyday actions and skills may also benefit the rescue (i.e. purchasing programs with select vendors, annual fundraisers, or simply by walking). It’s easy and who wouldn’t want their everyday activities to be of benefit to homeless pets? Additionally, we will tell you how to become a foster, volunteer, or donor if those things are of interest to you. We are a bunch of fun and would love to have you on Team Collie!


Fostering is a rewarding, and fulfilling experience. It involves allowing a dog into your home and family to prepare the dog to go into a forever home.

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Tri State Collie Rescue is always looking for dependable volunteers to assist us in our rescue activities.

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View our calendar to see our current fundraisers and other local or online events relevant to Tri-State Collie Rescue.

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