How to Adopt

Adopt a TSCR Collie

Thank you for considering TSCR as your partner in adopting! If you’ve researched Collies and Shelties and know that either one is your breed, then you’re in the right place. If you’d like additional information on either breed, please visit our site’s Know Your Collie or Sheltie page. To begin the adoption process, read on. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. Please note that potential adopters are responsible for traveling to meet and pick up their potential new family members from the foster family, and are responsible for returning the dog in the event that it becomes necessary.

Complete the form below, and click the Submit Form button to send in your application. Applications will ONLY be successfully accepted through the online form, and submitting the form via a desktop computer or laptop is the only way we can guarantee that we receive your application. We cannot guarantee that we will receive any applications submitted via tablet or smartphone.

NOTE: After submitting your application, please make sure to check any spam folders or filters for email responses from TSCR. Also, please note that it may take up to 5 business days to receive a response from us directly, as we are staffed 100% by volunteers. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

TSCR's Adoption Policy

The adopting family:

  • Agrees that no member of the family has ever been charged with cruelty to animals.
  • Will keep the dog as a house pet and not in a doghouse, left in a fenced-in yard unattended for long periods of time, or tied to a chain or cable run.
  • Will provide a fenced-in yard, or will leash walk/exercise the dog regularly.
  • Will provide sufficient, food, water, shelter, and veterinary care.
  • Will obtain and keep a current dog license and rabies tag.
  • Will have the dog examined by a vet within ten (10) days from the date of the adoption.
  • Will have a two-week trial period of adjustment, during which time the dog may be returned to TSCR for a refund of one half of the adoption donation.
  • Understands that in the event that they are unable to keep the dog for whatever reason, TSCR must be notified and will assist in his or her placement. At no time may the dog be sold, leased, or given away.
  • Will, in the event that the adoptive family determines that the adopted dog must be returned to TSCR, agree to bear all costs and make all arrangements related to returning the dog to TSCR.
  • Will, if the dog has not been altered at the time of the adoption, have the dog spayed or neutered by the date indicated on the Adoption Contract, and will provide evidence of the surgery.
  • Agrees that if a TSCR representative determines that the terms and conditions of this agreement have not been met, or that the dog is not receiving proper care, the adopting family will surrender custody of the dog upon demand. Should it be necessary to litigate in connection with any dispute, the adopting family agrees to pay all court costs and attorney’s fees.
  • Understands that TSCR does not warrant the temperament or behavior of the rescue dog, nor does TSCR guarantee that the dog is free of genetic defects. Furthermore, TSCR is not responsible for any acts of the rescue dog while living with the adopting family.
Spay/Neuter Addendum for Puppies: TSCR requires that the puppy be spayed/neutered at the earliest time that the owner’s licensed vet recommends, which is normally seven to nine months of age. However, if the adopter presents a written statement from a licensed veterinarian that recommends deferring the spay/neuter to a later age, which shall not be older than 18 months, and the adopter’s complies with that statement by having the puppy spayed/neutered at the time recommended by that veterinarian, that will not be considered a breach of this contract. TSCR is not responsible for behavior issues that may arise during the time that the puppy is not spayed/neutered.
PLEASE NOTE: At this time, TSCR’s adoption policy has a limit of 3 dogs per household. That means that in order to adopt a dog from TSCR, there can be no more than 2 resident dogs already in the home; the newly adopted dog would become the third dog. Many of our dogs come into rescue from incredibly difficult circumstances. The limit is in place to ensure that each of our dogs is able to receive not only the resources but also the individual time and attention that they need in their forever homes. We do reserve the right to make exceptions under certain circumstances for dogs whose specific needs may put significant constraints on their forever home placement.

Adoption Application

Adoption Application

Contact Information


Living Situation

Veterinarian Information

Current/Previous Pets

Please note:

A submitted application does not guarantee adoption of a dog from TSCR.

The dog who an applicant would like to adopt from TSCR may not be the one best suited to meet the applicant’s needs.

TSCR reserves the right to offer a dog whom they feel is better suited to match the application.

By signing this Application, I certify that the information provided is truthful and correct to the best of my knowledge. By submitting the application, I affirm that (1) I have read the adoption policies of the Tri-State Collie Rescue (TSCR), (2) I agree to be bound by those policies, (3) I understand that the decision on whether to accept this or any application, or to place any particular dog with any particular applicant is at the exclusive discretion of Tri-State Collie Rescue, (4) TSCR will speak with the applicant's veterinarian (please notify your vet that we will call and that you give your permission for us to check on past care of your animals) and references (please notify your references that we may call and that you give your permission for us to speak with them), and (5) all dogs are now and remain the property of Tri-State Collie Rescue and must be returned to TSCR upon demand. (6) I understand that TSCR may use and disclose the information in my application form, and any other information that TSCR receives in the course of the application process, in evaluating my application and for other purposes related to the operations of TSCR, I give my unconditional consent to such use and disclosure and I agree that TSCR shall not be liable for any claims related to the use and disclosure of that information.

For purposes of this application, printing your name constitutes a signature.