Rough Collie-Great Pyrenees Mix

Age: 7 months
Sex: F
Weight: 61 lbs. (and growing!)
House-trained: Yes
Crate-trained: No
Good with dogs: Yes (very!)
Good with cats: No
Good with kids: Yes (very!)
Foster state: GA

PHYSICAL FENCE REQUIRED (at least 5′ high)

About Sophie

Sophie is a Rough Collie-Great Pyrenees mix puppy who is almost too adorable for words! This baby floof is on track to be a very big girl when she grows up, so she’s looking for a forever family with a special place in their hearts for large- and/or giant-breed dogs.

Sophie is the sweetest, silliest little girl who loves everyone and everything. To her, life is just one grand adventure after another, and all she needs is some companions to tag along with! Sophie absolutely adores humans and wants cuddles and kisses at every opportunity. Whether on the floor, by your side on the sofa, or in your arms, this puppy just loves love! She’s also great around kids and would love having some human siblings to play with.

Sophie is very well-socialized and thrives in the company of other dogs, especially younger spirited ones who love to play as much as she does! She needs to be in a forever family with a dog sibling (or two!) to pal around with, and to continue learning from. Because she has a lot of energy (even by puppy standards) along with the famed Great Pyrenees tendency to roam and explore, a forever home with a physically fenced-in yard is an absolute must for her. While she hasn’t been cat-tested, she has a strong prey drive, so Sophie needs to be in a forever home without cats, toy-sized dogs, or other small animals.

Sophie is a super smart girl who learns quickly! She has good recall, is eager to please, and is reliably house-trained for a puppy her age. She knows “sit” and is working on other basic commands, and she’s started learning leash-walking manners, too. Sophie is quite independent, as Great Pyrs are known to be, but she’s motivated by treats, toys, praise, and affection, so we think that with some more time and effort—and under the guidance of an experienced pup parent—she’ll be well-trained in no time!

If you’ve been wanting to add a giant, goofy floof to your family, Sophie just might be the puppy of your dreams! Fill out an Adoption Application for her today!