Rough Collie, Mahogany Sable

Age: 9 years
Sex: M
Weight: 65 lbs.
House-trained: Yes
Crate-trained: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with kids: Not yet tested (but likely yes)
Foster state: MI

About Yukon

Yukon is a senior Collie gentleman who couldn’t be any sweeter if he tried! He’s ready to live the good life in a quiet, easygoing environment for the rest of his golden years.

Yukon gets along great with other dogs and really enjoys being part of the pack in his foster home. His foster mom tells us that he’s done great with all the people he’s ever met, too! His favorite hobbies include riding in the car (and barking the whole time!), keeping his foster mom company while she cooks in the kitchen, going for short trail walks in the woods near his foster home, and napping on his comfy padded dog bed.

Yukon is a dignified, well-mannered Collie gentleman who is a pro with his basic commands, including “sit,” “down,” and “shake.” He’s very eager to please and is motivated by treats, praise, and affection. Yukon does pretty well when he’s walking on leash, but he does pull when he sees someone he knows and wants to say hello!

Yukon was in pretty rough shape when he got to us: skinny, missing a lot of fur, and with a large benign cyst on his back. His cyst was surgically removed, and he’s recovered well from the surgery. Yukon’s skin has been improving since he began receiving monthly allergy shots and went on a prescription dog food, and his gorgeous Mahogany fur is slowly growing back in. He’s also packed on some much-needed healthy pounds in his loving foster home!

Yukon does have some special needs. His allergies mean that he’ll need to continue receiving allergy shots and eating specially formulated dog food for the rest of his life. Yukon is also missing most of the front teeth between his canines, and he has anxiety that is being treated with prescription medication. The medicine has helped a lot, and his vet and foster family think that he may not need to keep taking it indefinitely. The right forever person/family for Yukon will have the means, time, and willingness to provide the treatments and care that he needs to be at his healthiest and happiest for the rest of his golden years.

Our dream for Yukon is to find someone who will love, cherish, and support him for the rest of his life. If you’ve got a special place for Yukon in your heart, home, and family, please fill out an Adoption Application for him today.