Age:  9 months on 4/10/22
Sex:   Male
Weight:    47 pounds
House trained:  Yes
Crate trained:  Tucker should not be crated
Good with dogs:   Absolutely
Good with cats:     Unknown
Good with kids:     
Foster State:  West Virginia

About Tucker

Tucker is a sweet, loving, affectionate young boy that will bring nothing but love and joy to his family’s home.  He is eager to please, expressive, affectionate, gentle, and exceptionally loving.  Tucker will welcome you home everyday with a wagging tail, lots of kisses, and tons of hugs to show how grateful he is to have you home!


With the right people, Tucker shows little or no hesitation/anxiety; however, it may take a few days for his true personality to emerge as he is not a huge fan of news places and new things.  Like most people, he prefers to stay in places in which he feels comfortable and with people he knows and trusts.


He absolutely LOVES to run and play with his foster brother and sister, and he loves to be the ultimate country watchdog, asleep on the porch with a gentle breeze blowing, yet ready to “signal the alarm” if anything happens out of the ordinary!  Without question, Tucker will need a large, fenced-in yard where he can run, play, rest, and observe nature; he loves being outside!


Tucker seems more comfortable and confident around another four-legged friend (doggy), but his foster mom thinks he will probably be okay being an “only child” if he is with the right person.  At this time, Tucker does not prefer car rides – he tends to drool a lot in the car…so his foster mom is working with him to take him on shorter trips in an attempt to help him get over getting carsick.


Tucker absolutely LOVES being with his pack/family, whether it is people or other animals.  Tucker will do best with a person or family that is able to commit to spending a lot of time with him after work, or after the day’s activities.  He seems most at peace when his whole “pack” is together for extended periods of time; he needs to be an active and important part of the family.


While with his foster mom, Tucker has been exposed to a variety of people ranging from ages 15 to 74; he has been kind, loving, and gentle with every person he has met.  If Tucker gets shy, timid, nervous, or scared, the best thing to do is to wait patiently and let him work through his emotions; he will come to you when he is ready.  If he is just nervous about a new situation, being held by someone he trusts soothes Tucker and he settles relatively quickly.


Tucker is extremely observant and may need to watch you interact with other people and/or animals for a few days before he feels more comfortable with new people and places.


Tucker has a sensitive soul, and he is in tune with the emotions of the people and animals around him; he will require little, if any, correction as he is completely house broken, and he has not broken or destroyed anything at his foster home.  Tucker couldn’t have a kinder soul as you can see when you look into his beautiful, piercing, amber-colored eyes.  His eyes say a thousand words every single time you look into them – all you have to do is love this soul and you will have a loyal companion for years to come!  Tucker needs a peaceful, calm home with stability, consistency, and a lot of love.    Tucker will want/need a bed like you see in the pictures; he loves how the style of this bed basically holds him.  Tucker needs to be in a home that will NOT require him to stay in a crate; this would be detrimental to Tucker, and his foster mom believes this would crush his spirit.  In addition, a fenced in yard in a calm, mostly quiet, peaceful location is also in Tucker’s best interest.


Tucker’s foster mom can’t wait to come home from work to receive the one-of-a-kind greeting that Tucker gives when she comes home from work; his outward, vocal expression of love and gratitude is one of the most beautiful sounds you can hear!  Anyone lucky enough to have Tucker in their life will be perpetually blessed with nothing but deep, profound, unconditional love from this beautiful, tender-hearted collie!