Rough Collie, Tricolor

Age: 6 months
Sex: F
Weight: 42 lbs. (and growing!)
House-trained: Work in progress
Crate-trained:Work in progress
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Not yet tested (but likely yes)
Good with kids: Not yet tested (but likely yes)
Foster state: TN


About Shelby

Meet Shelby! This 6-month-old Tricolor Rough Collie girl is an absolute sweetheart and confirmed water bug. Sprinklers, hoses, baby pools—Shelby is always excited to splash around in the water! We’re hoping to make her first summer a fantastic one by finding her forever family.

Shelby is a super sweet baby girl who loves being around people and other dogs! She’s a textbook extrovert who doesn’t like to be alone but is learning to take naps by herself. Speaking of naps, her foster mom says that like a human toddler, Shelby still needs to take an afternoon nap; otherwise, she’ll be moody and bouncing off the walls by 5 pm!

Shelby hasn’t been cat- or kid-tested yet, but since she’s a good-natured, adaptable puppy, we think that she would do fine with both as long as she gets a proper introduction to them. She does, however, need to have a physical fence at her forever home to keep her safe—and to prevent her from wandering too far.

Shelby is coming along well with her house- and crate-training, and she’s working hard on becoming a good Collie citizen. Like all Collies, Shelby is loyal and eager to please. We know that with a little patience and a lot of love, she’ll make a great addition to any family!

Looking for a Tricolor Collie to tag along on all of your adventures, aquatic and otherwise? Fill out an Adoption Application for Shelby today!