Rough Collie, Mahogany Sable

Age: 8 years
Sex: M
Weight: 72 lbs.
House-trained: Yes
Crate-trained: No
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes (curious about them)
Good with kids: Not yet tested (but likely yes)
Foster state: OH

About Remy

Remy is the oldest male member of Jeb & Friends, a special group of Collies that we rescued from a really awful situation. Just like Jeb and their other friends, Remy’s life before being rescued was almost unimaginable, but he hasn’t ever let the tragedy of his past get him down.

Remy is a sweet, happy boy who loves to be around people and other dogs. His favorite place to be is right by his foster mom’s side so that he can keep her company and ask for pets whenever he wishes. He gets along well with other dogs and has been quite curious about cats. He’s done great learning his house manners and is getting more comfortable with car rides.

Remy may be a senior gentleman, but he’s still plenty playful! He has a particular fondness for crocheted blankets, which leads him to pull them off the couch and play with them like toys. He hopes that his forever person/family will indulge him in lots of games of tug-of-war! Remy’s playfulness and height support his efforts to rest his nose on the table and go counter-surfing, but he takes food very gently when it’s offered by hand.

After playtime and in the evenings, Remy likes to settle down for some quiet relaxation. He’s a confirmed couch potato, and he also loves to be brushed—it’s one of his favorite ways to relax! 

Remy especially loves to go out so he can meet new people and investigate all of the interesting smells that he comes across. His world used to be so small, so we’re happy to see that he’s enjoying exploring new places. He walks very well on leash, but sometimes he needs a reminder to get going again during his frequent stop-and-sniffs.

Remy has some special needs: he has pad deformities and is missing toes on his back paws. He’s able to navigate stairs well as long as they aren’t too steep, but going for long walks—that is, over 2 miles at once—on leash is too just much for his paws to handle. Remy’s perfect forever person/family will have the willingness and heart to go through life at his pace.

When Remy got to us, his skin was dry, and his sparse fur was quite coarse. With a nutritious diet, supplements, and a nourishing grooming routine, his coat is growing back in beautifully.

Our hope for Remy is that he’s able to enjoy the rest of his golden years with a person/family who will love, cherish, and support him. If you’ve got a special place for Remy in your heart, home, and family, please fill out an Adoption Application for him today.