Age: 2.4 years old

Sex: M

Weight: 60 (approx.)

House trained: Yes

Good with dogs: Yes

Good with cats: Yes

Good with kids: Unknown

Foster State: MI

About Marcus

Marcus is a very gentle, gorgeous boy who was part of a hoarding situation and is still learning that humans can be good. With time, now Marcus seeks out his foster mom and dad for pets and always wants to be near. Marcus is making improvements in meeting new people as long as they are patient and willing to quietly wait for him to choose whether to interact. He takes treats gently from patient newcomers as well as his foster family. Now during the day Marcus prefers to be near his people rather than in his crate, but it is important for his crate to be available as his safe space. He sleeps at night in his crate in the bedroom so he can see his people.  He lights up when interacting with dogs, and remains interested, but mostly indifferent to our cat. A fenced in yard is absolutely a must. His luscious coat is growing back and he will be a stunner.  He was excited to take his first walk around the block with his foster mom and foster canine sister, and did well with cars and other dogs that went by enroute. He is becoming less skittish with noises each day. Marcus responds to the commands of  ‘inside’, ‘kennel’ and ‘come’ so far. He will need a loving, patient owner who will reap the rewards of Marcus’s growth and love on Marcus’s schedule.