Loosie & Logan

Loosie & Logan

Rough Collies, Sable

Age: 3 years (DOB 10/12/20)
Sex: F (Loosie), M (Logan)
Weight: 58 lbs. (Loosie), 77 lbs. (Logan)
House-trained: Yes
Crate-trained: Yes (but prefer not to be crated)
Good with dogs: Yes (very!)
Good with cats: Not yet tested
Good with kids: Not yet tested
Foster state: PA



About Loosie & Logan

Loosie & Logan are a beautiful bonded pair of Sable Rough Collies. Due to tragic circumstances beyond their control, their first family was no longer in a position to care for them, and they made the heart-wrenching and selfless decision to entrust Loosie & Logan to us. We promised them that we will keep Loosie & Logan together and find a forever family who will treasure them both.

Loosie & Logan are biological half-siblings and have been together for their whole lives. They are very lovable, and they are incredibly attached to each other. They’re both active youngsters who enjoy spending time outside and do need to have a fenced-in yard in their forever home. Loosie & Logan love to play together and have also enjoyed spending time with their foster dog siblings. They also enjoy attention from their human companions and actively seek attention and affection from them.

As close as they are, these two do have their very own personalities! Loosie is the dominant one—she is independent, confident, and a little bit bossy, too! She’s not much of a snuggler, but she gives the sweetest kisses. Logan is more reserved, especially if his sister isn’t around. Like most Collies, he loves using his bark to sing the song of his peoples! He also enjoys grooming and is a confirmed cuddle bug.

Loosie & Logan have good recall and know several basic commands. Their foster is helping them with their leash work. They’re both motivated to learn and take treats very gently from your hand, so we know that with the right forever person/family to continue their training, they’re going to continue to do great!

If you’ve been looking for a loving pair of Collies to add to your family, Loosie & Logan just might be the one for you. Apply to adopt them both today!