Age: 3
Sex: Male
Weight: 45 lbs
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Foster State:  Ohio
Adoption Fee: $475

About Kenny

Kenny came to us from a multi-dog situation where the owners were unable to provide appropriate care and socialization due to declining health. He and the other dogs were kept communally in a barn with an approximate 2-acre fenced yard. Kenny was well fed and a healthy body weight, however suffering signs of neglect in that he had intestinal parasites and a flea infestation upon intake.  He also was he lacking the socialization needed to fully trust humans.  He was interested and would wag his tail when spoken to, but would not readily approach or take a treat from your hand.

Kenny has come a long way and is a much more confident dog. He has adjusted to being an inside dog well.  He still has his moments where he would prefer to stay out and play when called and you may have to go and retrieve him with a leash but it is much more manageable.  Since he does enjoy his outside time, a fence is an absolute must.  He is still timid of strangers but if approached calmly and on his level he will make up with you.

Kenny’s progress correlates directly with the patience and consistency in training his foster parents are utilizing.  He will need a gentle but yet affirmative leader who is going to continue his training. He is good with cats and other dogs but sometimes needs a bit to make up with a new dog. Kenny is just now learning what it means to be a companion pet and is really liking toys and he creature comforts so many of our dogs take for granted.  Therefore, he does not like to share when he is playing with them.  He works very diligently on his plush toys and generally doesn’t stop until they are a ball of fluff and have been sufficiently de-squeaked.