Age: 3
Sex: Female
Weight: 50 lbs
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes, but not needed
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Unknown
Foster State:  Maryland
Adoption Fee: $475

About Kaitlin

Meet Kaitlin!  She is a 3-year-old mahogany sable, rough-coated collie who came to TSCR from a multi-dog environment where her owners loved her but weren’t effectively able to manage the large number of dogs they had as their own health declined. She was well-fed but did show signs of general neglect and a lack of preventative care (e.g., fleas, intestinal parasites). She is a sweet, gentle girl, who is still learning what it is like to live inside a house. She is most comfortable off leash in a fenced-in yard where she will roll around in the grass on her back, or race around with glee doing the doggie zoomies.  Once she learns to trust her person, she will even come up for an occasional treat.  She enjoys playing with her foster canine siblings outside, including play bows, games of tug and chase.

Inside, Kaitlin is a different dog.  While she is good around her canine siblings, she shows no interest in playing with them, following them, or otherwise engaging with them.  She is just now starting to show interest in what is going on around her and will perk her ears up and look at us when we talk to her or use her name.  She beginning to venture out of the room where her dog bed is located and go to the back door without being called. She will even attempt to leave the room when she hears us playing with our dogs, but fear overtakes her, and she quickly retreats to her dog bed. She does not play with toys in the house, nor chew on dog bones.  The sound of a squeaky toy scares her.  She will not stand still on any flooring surface, whether it be carpet, hardwood, or concrete. The moment she stops, her tail tucks so far between her legs it is barely visible. She is most secure on a dog bed, where she will stay all day long unless her person initiates her movement.  She even eats and drinks laying down. She will walk on all flooring surfaces and do stairs; however, hardwood is more difficult for her simply because she races across the floor to get to her safe spot. Carpeting would give her more traction. Kaitlin is a quiet dog, rarely barking outside and never inside.

Kaitlin walks well on a leash once she gets going, but during the first 50 feet or so, her tail tucks and she pulls hard on the leash. She does not react to cars, horses, squirrels, other dogs, or deer. While out walking, her tail will hang straight, but the moment she stops, the tail tucks under again.  She does, however, enjoy her walks and will come to the door when you ask her if she wants to go for a walk.

Kaitlin has an issue with doorways, whether they be interior or exterior.  She races through an open door and if it isn’t open when she gets to the door, she will either return to her home base (inside, the room with her dog bed) or walk in a circular pattern until the doorway is clear (for example, entering the house from the garage). She has learned the word “inside”, along with a hand signal, that helps her feel safe enough to enter the garage from the outside yard.

Kaitlin knows her name, the words “inside”, “outside”, “wait”, and “walk”.  She is not food motivated and will not take a treat of any kind (even homemade salmon or steak) when she is overcome by fear, which is any time she must stand in the house and most times when she stands still during a walk.

Kaitlin is good with people and other dogs. While she does not seem to follow another dog, she likes playing with them. Kaitlin has a large playgroup of collies and their humans that she thoroughly enjoys. While she normally will not pay attention to or play with people, she does seek out human attention during the collie romps, approaching them, tail wagging. She nicely takes turns with the other collies when they are huddled up around a two-legged human treat dispenser. Ideally, the family to adopt Kaitlin will live close enough to her foster home in Maryland that she will be able to continue enjoying her collie friends.

Kaitlin has made progress since coming to TSCR, but she is still adjusting to life indoors and has a way to go.  It is preferable that she be in a home with another dog.  She needs a fenced-in yard, and unless it is a tall fence, one that a dog cannot climb or jump, Kaitlin cannot be left out in a yard to play on her own or with another dog.  She is a flight risk.

Kaitlin needs a quiet environment with someone who understands and has experience in working with a dog who is learning to interact with the world around her. She needs a patient person who will accept her on her terms, challenging her to try new things when she is ready. While it is possible that she will progress to a point where she is comfortable moving around her new home, interacting with her family, she may never get there. Whoever adopts Kaitlin needs to be okay with this.

If you are interested in helping Kaitlin learn that nobody will ever hurt her and that she will always be loved and cared for, please apply.