Hugo Sanchez (Tristan)

Hugo Sanchez (aka Tristan)

Age: 3
Sex: Male
Weight: 50 lbs
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with kids: Yes
Foster State:  Indiana
Adoption Fee: $475

About Hugo Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez (aka Tristan) is a border collie sheltie mix. He was found in a rural area of Kentucky with no tags, no microchip and he was covered in fleas and ticks. He is such a good guy, the family who found him wanted to keep him until he developed a taste for their pet chickens. He retired from farm life for a lovely foster home in Indiana. However, the “working dog” part of Sanchez has not retired. He definitely has a herding instinct as well as a strong prey drive. Therefore, he cannot be placed in a home with cats, chickens or other small animals. Additionally, he will tug and pull on a walk if he spies a chipmunk, squirrel or other small critter.

We do not think Tristan has been abused as his fondest desire is to be with and around people. He did have prevalent signs of neglect in the fact he had both lyme disease and heartworms. Each has been treated successfully and he is ready for his forever family. He absolutely adores children and people in general and can jump a fence if left alone and he wants to seek out human companionship. He will not jump a fence if his people are out back with him so he cannot be left alone in a back yard unattended.

Tristan is a playful boy who is very friendly with his family, doggie foster brother and others he meets. He knows how to sit, shake and will stay if you are persistent. He will chase a toy and bring it back to be thrown again. He also loves to chew a toy until he is satisfied that it has been thoroughly de-stuffed and de-squeaked. He loves to romp and play with his foster brother and enjoys a good game of tug. He is fed a total of 4 cups of dry food per day; 2 cups in the am and 2 cups in the pm. He enjoys whole carrots as treats and loves ice cubes. He is housebroken and enjoys sleeping in a crate in his foster parent’s room overnight. Sanchez is in a foster home where he is rarely left for long periods and recently we tried crating him when his foster parents left the house. He definitely showed some signs of separation anxiety and was able to slide the tray of his kennel out and the bottom latch on the door had not been latches so he pushed his way out (wire crate). When left alone in the house for a few hours with his foster brother he has been fine and not destructive.

The ideal home for Tristan would be a moderately active family with children. He is great on a leash and would love to accompany the family to outdoor ballgames, ride with mom to take and pick-up the kids from school and would be a back yard best buddy when the family is enjoying outdoor time. We would prefer a fence as a deterrent for his cat, squirrel and critter chasing, but it should not be used for containment if he is left unattended. To manage separation issues during times he cannot go with the family and needs to be left at home, a crate with a peanut butter Kong, femur bone or other safe diversion will keep him occupied and happy until you return.

If you think you might be the family for Tristan, please fill out and submit an application. We will be glad to answer any further questions you may have and can also put you in touch with his foster family.