Age: 8
Sex: Male
Weight: 55 lbs
House trained: Yes, but will have accidents
Crate trained: N/A
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with kids: Older kids
Foster State:  Kentucky
Adoption Fee: $350

About Blake

Meet Blake!  He is an 8-year-old tri-color male who came to TSCR from a shelter.  He had some general weakness in his back legs and after going through X-rays and treatment, he has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis (between front legs) that has caused neuropathy in his back legs.  Blake’s method of ambulating is certainly altered from the norm but the good thing is, he does not feel any pain, as there is little to no feeling in his rear legs.  We have obtained a doggie cart and are starting to work with him in the cart to allow him a little more freedom.  Blake is a very kind gentleman who really enjoys grooming time, laying around and receiving pets and sneaking a treat whenever he can.

Blake’s neuropathy certainly limits his mobility, but his foster would not label him a “couch potato”.  He is very independent and tries in every way to follow her throughout the house and to keep up with his foster brothers and sisters.  He certainly cannot keep up with their rowdy play and running so, he stands by and cheers them on from the sidelines.  Blake also has a couple toys he likes to drag around.  His fire hose octopus and squeaky snake seem to be the preferred playmates but he really does not play or chew them, just takes them along for the ride.  He will however hold his ground if someone tries to take them from him.

Blake is in a foster home with multiple other dogs and does well with them as long as his food or toys are not in jeopardy.  He is much more smitten with the ladies, but does well with the boys too.  When it comes to people, he is good with men or women.  He does like children, but we want to avoid a home with small toddlers or elderly folks who may not be sure footed.  Due to his irregular gate, he sometimes stumbles into you if he is walking beside you and we wouldn’t want anyone to trip or get knocked down.  We have not seen Blake around cats and have no idea how he reacts to them.

Blake knows the commands for sit and down, but we do not use those often as he has little to no control over his back legs and it frustrates him when he cannot comply with what you are asking.  He is very much a people-pleaser.  Blake is not crated and has free roam of the house.  He does well with potty habits as long as he is on a schedule and let out every 3 or 4 hours.  He also seems to be fine overnight.  However, if you wait too long, he will get up and start to potty as he moves across the floor to the door.

Blake likes to ride in a car, but has to be lifted in so his new family would need to have the physical abiliy to lift 50 pounds.  He does not do steps well so would need to be in a home with a ramp or no more than 1-2 steps to get in and out.  He does not get on furniture, but loves his comfortable dog bed.  He also is a good eater and is currently on Iam’s Proactive Health Large Breed food.  It take a lot for him to move around so I have not moved him to senior food and he is staying a healthy weight.  He does love treats, but will take them rather rapidly so we always place them in an open palm to avoid an inadvertent nip.

Blake’s care is a bit more demanding than most of my foster dogs.  However, he is a wonderful boys who deserves to live out his days with care and dignity and the feeling of accomplishment with him as well as the adoration received far outweighs the additional care.  If you are a care-taking individual who may be Blake’s soft place to land, please apply!