Age: 1
Sex: Male 
Weight: 40 lbs
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: No
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes, but he plays rough with them
Good with kids: I would assume but I don’t know
Foster State:  Ohio
Adoption Fee: $500.00

About Yoda

Yoda is a very active young boy.  Current with all his vetting, he is ready to find a new home.

Few things scare Yoda.  He is good through thunder, fireworks and vacuuming.  He does see the hose with the water on jet and the leave blower as a threat.   The thing that does scare him is being grabbed by his collar even if it is just to hold on to him for a second.

Yoda loves to play so a home with an active, patient dog or someone who knows how to throw a frisbee would be beneficial  to him.  He plays rough but he is not harmful.  He comes when he is called but a fenced yard would be a plus.  He is fast and agile. If he thinks he is in trouble, he won’t come to you – even if he is not in trouble.

He would probably do good with agility training.

Like I said, Yoda is very active but he doesn’t really bother me while I am working from home.  If you throw something for him ( and he will bring it to you) he will keep coming back but will stop and if you ignore him.  He will play fetch forever if you let him.

He sleeps on my bed at night and would like to be next to me on the couch but the couch is usually taken. He does like to cuddle on the couch but it usually turns into play  He is the only dog I have had that is brave enough to get on my bed with my dog there.

Yoda only knows sit.  He is now housebroken.  We are working and failing at down though I feel  pretty confident he knows what I want.   Yoda was a countersurfer when I got him.  I’m not sure if he has gotten better at not being that or if I have gotten better about putting things away.  Maybe a little of both.  He needs leash training.  He would probably do better with a harness.

Yoda is a typical young dog whose owners neglected to train.  He wants to please and would  make a good dog for an active household.