Age: 3
Sex: Male
Weight: 19 lbs
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with kids: No
Foster State:  Ohio
Adoption Fee: $475

About Seamus

Seamus came to us as an owner surrender where “incessant barking” was listed as the reason for release.  Seamus is a talker, but his level of barking in his current foster home is not incessant and not A-typical for a sheltie.  He likes to bark when you are walking through the house to let him out, also when he initially goes outside to play, and then if there are unusual noises outside the home (i.e. yelling children, UPS or garbage trucks, etc.). Seamus does suffer from a level of anxiety though that makes him “chitter” like a racoon when he is feeling uneasy or upset.  An adoptive home can anticipate this happening for approximately 3 weeks on a diminishing basis and then following his decompression time, it only happens when he is anxious.

The great qualities about Seamus are that he is completely housebroken, is a great eater, he loves to snuggle once he is comfortable with you, he is great on a leash, loves going for car rides (and doesn’t get sick) and he is a lovely size at only 19 pounds.  He is a great bed buddy or couch potato, but in short order is ready to leash up and head out for a walk. He is a real cutie pie and a fantastic companion. When he is with someone who understands him.

Initially Seamus is very apprehensive and is sure you are going to be angry or physical with him.  As he starts decompressing, he gets much more comfortable and is a great little guy.  At that point generally something happens where he needs to be redirected (i.e. he gets a tissue out of the bathroom garbage to chew) and the approach you use with him at that point sets the tone for your relationship with him.  If you hurriedly try and grab it or yell, he is going to stand his ground and growl.  If you gently but firmly tell him to let it go and offer him a toy, he promptly lets it go and moves on.  He deals much better with diversion than he does with making a situation adversarial.  He doesn’t have good self esteem and is living his best life when he knows you love him just the way he is and are going to work with him mentally and not physically.  His emotional needs are such that we will not place him in a home with children.

Seamus is currently in a multiple dog foster home but would prefer to be an only dog.  He doesn’t spat or argue, but he does like to herd the other dogs and when they get tired of it and snap at him, he gets overwhelmed and very anxious again and it takes him a while to calm down.  We have never seen him around cats and have no idea what his response is to them.

Seamus really is a little diamond in the rough and is just going to need a very calm and understanding home.  He LOVES to patrol for squirrels and other outdoor menaces, so we do want him to have a yard to patrol as he takes his job very seriously.  Additionally, we prefer that he be in a home with a yard of sufficient size that his chatting will not upset neighbors if they are outside as well.  We would not want to place him in an apartment, condo or zero-lot line where his conversations could be misconstrued as a nuisance.

If you think Seamus might be the guy for you, please apply or use the Contact button to get additional information.