Age: 1
Sex: Male neutered
Weight: 55 lbs
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: depends on the child
Foster State:  NY
Adoption Fee: $500.00

About Charlie

Charlie is a very sweet 1 year old collie.  He is very smart but has a lot of energy to burn, so a house with a fenced in yard and other dogs around his age/activity level would be ideal. Charlie is house broken and will typically let you know if he needs to go out.  He knows some basic commands like sit and down, and is learning other commands quickly.  Charlie has learned that if he wants something (attention, food, etc), he needs to sit first.  He is crate trained and will willingly go in the crate when asked.  He does not seem to have separation anxiety and does fine in the crate when his foster parents are at work.  He is decent at playing fetch.  He still needs work walking on a leash and will pull very hard, so we use a harness when walking him.

He has good house manners for a pup his age.  He gets off furniture if you ask him to, and does not chew on household items (he may pick up that habit if left unattended for too long).  He is interested in food on tables or counters, but will leave it alone if you tell him ‘no.’  He does bark at people he doesn’t know, but calms down and opens up to them within a few minutes.

He gets along well with the female collie in his foster home, although he is a bit too playful and sometimes gets on her nerves.  He does well with the cats in his foster home, but the cats are still teaching him how to approach a kitty that does not want his attention 🙂

Charlie can be mouthy when he is playing.  Although it is playful puppy biting, it can be alarming for parents with young children or people who are not expecting it.  Charlie is easily redirected to biting a toy instead, but his foster parents want prospective adopters to be aware of this prior to bringing him home.  He does not have any resource guarding issues at this time and will let you take a toy or food from him.

Charlie gets very nervous in places he doesn’t know.  His adoptive family can expect 2-3 days of pacing and panting while he settles.  Once he understands where he is, he settles well and opens up.  So far, everyone who has met him at his foster home has fallen in love with him.

Charlie will be a very good companion and can be trained very well with the right family.